About Durlon® Gasket Materials

The Durlon® brand represents global leadership in sealing solutions with proven reliability, innovative processes and sustainable integrity in a wide range of demanding applications. We assure high-quality, environmentally-friendly sealing products from our CNA (Compressed Non-Asbestos) and PTFE sheets & gaskets to our flexible, metallic and high temperature materials. Our innovative solutions have become critical components in a wide range of global industries – oil & gas, chemical processing and power generation to name just a few. We offer the best solutions for all your sealing challenges!

Economical & Premium Compressed Sheets

Inventory Reduction – Process Safety – Purchasing Efficiencies – Reduced Chance of Maintenance Error

Durlon® gasket materials are superior to other product offerings in areas that matter to the end user and gasket cutter, including:

  • Cut-ability
  • Consistency
  • Exacting tolerances

These features make Durlon® gasket materials easy on tooling for high speed or hand-cut projects. The anti-stick coating applied to the surface during the manufacturing process allows for improved separation from flange surfaces during removal, saving time and energy.

Wide range of use, excellent flexibility

Durlon® compressed gasket materials are high-density products featuring the most homogenous combination of minerals, synthetic fibers and elastomers. They are used in a wide variety of industries on a broad range of chemical applications at varying temperatures and pressures. Their excellent flexibility prevents large, narrow flange gaskets from breaking during cutting and installation, and their superior recovery ensures tight sealing during thermal cycling. Additional features include:

  • Close-range compressibility for consistency and accurate spacing
  • Reliability backed by many years of experience
  • Local distribution for quick and easy delivery
  • Branding for easy identification and assurance of genuine Durlon® gasket material helps prevent misapplication
  • All full-sized sheets are date coded and quality assurance traceable
  • A release agent on both sides of the sheet ensures good anti-stick properties
  • Durlon® filled PTFE and flexible graphite gasket materials complement our compressed sheet family by giving you the right gasket for all of your gasket needs.

Process Safety Management

Process safety is enhanced through outstanding sealability and bolt load retention:

  • Tighter joints create operational value
  • Emissions control
  • Energy consumption
  • Waste water treatment cost reductions
  • Best practices
  • Removes and handles with ease
  • Color coding for trouble-free identification, minimizes chance of misapplication

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